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December 03 2013

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A Temple Run Movie

Okay so Temple Run has already proved why it is such an awesome smart phone game but can it be anything more than that? That's right, there is talk going on about a movie being made based on this game. The story would revolve around an explorer who visits an ancient temple and steals an idol pretty much like in the game although I'm sure the explorer won't be collecting coins or searching for power ups.

Warner Bros. is currently in talks with producer David Heyman of Harry Potter fame to bring Temple Run to the big screen. Temple Run online was released in 2011 by Imangi Studios and its tremendous popularity led to the release on a sequel called Temple Run 2 as well as a spin off called Temple Run: Oz within just two years of the original release. There are quite a few games that operate along the same lines as well but still, it is the original game & it's sequel which have managed to out sell most games in app stores and with over 9.3 million likes on Facebook, I think Warner Bros. chose the right game to start with.

If the deal with Heyman goes through then the next job on Warner Bros.' hand would be to find a writer. It wouldn't be cool if they made a movie about a guy running now would it?

Now let's discuss actors that can play the role of the explorer. Harrison Ford is probably too old to start off on another adventure as a new character and that means that Warner Bros. will have to find someone else. Remember now that this is primarily a movie about running and that being said there are just a couple of actors that come to my mind for the lead role.

1. Tom Cruise- Yup that's right, I feel that Tom was born for this part. He's been from things in his movies for so many years now and given that this movie will involve a lot of running I don't think there is anyone who will be able to play this role better. The only question will be whether a celebrity as popular as Tom Cruise will be willing to take on such an iffy role. The answer is yes. Let's face it, his last few movies were far from exciting and he doesn't have anything else on his plate right now except Edge of Tomorrow.

2. Keanu Reeves- Even though Tom is more suited for this role, I would like to see Keanu in the movie simply because of his unique running style. That's right, remember Neo running in the Matrix movies? And I don't think Keanu is doing too much nowadays anyway.

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